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Central Government seizes Hênê Municipality through “appointedtrustee”

Kocaköy district governor is appointed as ‘trustee mayor’ for Municipality of Hênêin the wake ofthe arrest of DBP (Democratic Regions Party) co-mayor Abdurrahman Zorlu. 🕔 14:22 05/10/2016 📷1

Call to Attend the Trial of KamuranYüksek

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) co-vice chair SeydiFırat invited the people of Amed and NGO’s to attendthe first hearing of DBP co-chair KamuranYüksek trial on October 7.DBP co-chair ... 🕔 12:58 05/10/2016 📷1

IMC TV blacked out

Police forces raiding IMC TV headquarters blacked out the channel during live broadcast. 🕔 17:15 04/10/2016 📷1

Bombing in rural area of Mazgêrd

Rural area of Mazgêrd (Mazgirt) district, where “curfew” was declared, is being bombed by helicopters. 🕔 18:59 06/05/2016

Our reporter receives 6 years of prison

Kerboran (Dargeçit) reporter of our agency, Murat Verim, has been sued for “not being a member of organization but committing crime for them”. He has been sentenced to 6 years of prison at the ... 🕔 20:51 05/05/2016


HDP: We are with resistance no matter what price is

HDP Parliamentary Group Representatives released a statement in relation to the war that the AKP government imposed in Kurdistan expressed that they are with the people of Kurdistan by explaining “we accept the legitimacy of our people. We will not fail to be with the legitimate demands of our people and will always stand by the resistance of our people.”

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Peace Mothers at vigil in Sur

A group of Peace Mothers have become human shield in order to prevent clashes and people from dying in the Sur district of Diyarbakir where curfew is ongoing for 9 days.

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SES: Hospitals turned into headquarters of special teams

The SES (Laborers of Health Union) branch in Urfa city have completed a sit in protest in relation to the way health intitutions are turning into headquarters during war conditions in the area and attacks towards health workers.

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