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Child wounded by police to be taken into operation

12 May
14:00 2014

VAN (DİHA) - Over a thousand youths staged a demonstration in Hacıbekir (Xaçort) neighborhood of Van on Sunday to protest against the ditches dug at the border with Rojava and the ongoing construction of new military bases in the Kurdish region.

Demonstrators built up barricades on roads before they were brutally attacked by police forces using tear gas and water cannon. Clashes broke out and spread to the entire neighborhood as demonstrators responded to the police attack with stones and molotov cocktails. A ten year old boy was critically wounded after being hit on the throat by a tear gas canister fired by police. According to eye witnesses, the boy was rushed to hospital by the people around as he suffered bleeding after his throat was seriously harmed by the tear gas canister.

The neighborhood was blockaded by a large number of armored vehicles as clashes lasted till late night. Journalists trying to cover the clashes were also prevented by police.


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