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Massive march to be held for Meskan

16 May
10:43 2014

HAKKARİ (DİHA) - While the construction of military outpost is going in Meskan Mountain, the military restlessness has gained speed.

The Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) has announced that it will pioneer and organize a massive march in Hakkari city center on 19 May Monday for Meskan and to protest the ongoing building of posts. The vigil at the peak of Meskan is expected to continue until the end of this month. People from neighbourhoods, villages, hamlets and district centres in Hakkari province will take turns to participate in the vigil.

Resistance in Meskan on 21st day

The protest against the construction of a military base on the Meskan mountain of Hakkari is now on its 21st day, the resistance is going on. The vigil was lasted by KURDÎ-DER (Kurdish Language Research and Development Union) Hakkari, Yüksekova and Şemdinli branch members last night. They lighted fire along the night.

On the other hand, after one soldier was wounded seriously in the harassing fire on Tuesday, the military restlessness increased in the region. Cobra type helicopters flew above Mountain Meskan andŞine territory. Also, lots of skorsky type helicopters was carried out shipment.


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