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Massive march with shrouds for sick prisoners

16 May
16:41 2014

SİİRT (DİHA) – The Human Rights Association (IHD) Siirt Branch held a massive march with “shrouds” from union building to Kızılay Business Center to draw attention on the situation of 202 of them seriously 620 sick prisoners.

Dozens of people including Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Siirt co-mayors and executives, IHD executives and NGOs representatives participated into the march. The citizens worn in shrouds and carried the placard reading “We are on act for 202 seriously ill prisoners”. They shouted the slogans of “Sick prisoners are our honour” and “Freedom for sick prisoners” along their march.

‘We will not leave 202 seriously sick prisoners alone’

The citizens protested with applauses and whistles the AKP government’s attitude towards sick prisoners. After the march, IHD Siirt Branch Head Zana Aksu said: “We will not leave 202 seriously sick prisoners alone with the echo of their screams. As long as they embrace the life inside jails, we will suport them.”

Later on, they set up a signature stand in front of Kızılay Business Center for the freedom of sick prisoners. Signatures will be collected along three days and they will be sent to Prime Ministry, Presidency and Justice Minstry.


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