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Celebration of Kurdish Language Day in Aleppo

16 May
16:42 2014

ALEPPO (DİHA) - Foundation of Kurdish language organized a celebration in Sheik Maqsood to celebrate of Kurdish language by an activity to which hundreds of local residents attended.

The ceremony started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, then Jihan Bercol talked on behalf of foundation of Kurdish Language and said that "today we celebrate of Kurdish as an ancient language in the Middle East and our language has been exposed to localization by dictatorial regimes which control four parts of Kurdistan. Our region in Rojava has been exposed to localization by the Regime Forces but our nation was able to maintain Kurdish.”

Children band of martyr Noor Aldeen offered songs

Haydar Rasheed, member of Movement of Democratic Society, stated that "Kurdish language is important for Kurds because it represents their identity and Kurds reserve its language for years.” Haydar also remarked that attacks of ISIS groups continue on Kurdish regions. At the end of the celebration, Ronahi Band and Band of Martyr Zahr Aldeen for folkloric dance show dances. Members of the foundation went to evergreen market and hanged banners on which names of vegetables were written in Kurdish.


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