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Turkish soldiers hits 13-year-old at Rojava border this times

19 May
16:12 2014

MARDİN (DİHA) - It is reported that a 14-year-old boy, Ali Özdemir, was shot in the head by Turkish troops while trying to cross the Turkish border at Kızıltepe-Şenyurt, and has lost both eyes.

Özdemir’s father, Abdullah Özdemir, told that his son had gone to the town of Dirbesiye (Ghassaniya) in Rojava to visit his grandfather and was shot while trying to cross the border last night. Özdemir, who said his son was on his way home after spending a fortnight in Rojava when he was shot, was accompanied by the Co-Mayors of Kızıltepe when he took Ali Özdemir to the Mardin state hospital by ambulance from the border.

Around the same time a woman from Rojava was shot dead in front of her children. A similar incident happened last night on the border near Cizre, when Saada Darwish, a young woman with 2 children, was shot dead by troops as she tried to cross the Turkish border near the village of Kuştepe. Her father Medhat Darwish said his daughter had been deliberately targeted, even after they had waved at the soldiers to alert them and tell them of their wish to cross the border. He added that his daughter had been shot dead in front of her children by soldiers in an armoured vehicle.


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