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Support to teacher on hunger strike for education in mother tongue

27 May
13:10 2014

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Supporrt is going on for teacher named Jaume Sastre who is on hunger strike for freedom of education in Catalan language.

Help Catalonia has launched a campaign through the social networks and this campaign met with international support. Lots of artists, actors and politicians supported this act of hunger striker teacher Jaume Sastre. Help Catalonia launched the campaign through the social media which consists of taking a photo with a poster containing the message “#Solidarity with #HungerStrikeForCatalan” to show our solidarity with the protest in favour of the Catalan language which is taking place in the Balearic Islands; and with the hunger strike to demand education in Catalan, to defend language immersion and to raise international awareness of the contempt suffered by our language in Spain.

Hunger strike on 20th day

The campaign is attracting the attention of international journalists who were not aware that the language spoken in different regions such as Valencia or Majorca is the same as that spoken in Catalonia. The hunger strike act of Jaume Sastre is on the 20th day. On the other hand, some hunger strike acts were also held in 2012.

Noteworthy among the supporters of the campaign are European MEPs of the Catalan Parties Ernest Urtasun of ICV, Ramon Tremosa of CiU and Josep Mª Tericabras of ERC; as well as actors as Juanjo Puigcorbé and the writer Otto Ozzols from in front of the Freedom Monument in Riga; as well as Catalan MPs Joan Herrera, Dolors Camats Ester Capella, Quim Arrufat.