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Resistance of Meskan on the 42nd day

5 June
11:52 2014

HAKKARİ (DİHA) - While the protest against the construction of a military base on the Meskan mountain of Hakkari is now on its 42nd day, the YDG-H carried out a bombed act for Lice.

People from neighbourhoods, villages, hamlets and district centres in Hakkari province take turns to participate in the vigil. The vigil was delivered by Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Provincal Organization to residents of Pehlivan vicinty and Hakkari Peace Mothers Assembly activists. The citizens lighted fire along the night and heated. The protest vigil at Meskan has been continuing for two months now against the construction of a military post. Activists at vigil try to protect themselves from the blustering winds and cold weather by gathering around the fire. They spend time by singing together. Making explanation on behalf of the mass, one resident stated that they will insist on peace until end. He added: "Meskan is now our honour. We have to own up here. We are here today. And we will go no becoming here."

Soldiers ambushing

While the construction of military posts is going on, the military restlessness is also going on. About 100 soldiers were deployed opposite to the hill of Üzümcü village. Again, the artillery and mortar shooting has gone in the morning. It has been stated that the aforesaid soldiers began to ambushing activities in the territory.

YDG-H carry out act for Lice

On the other hand, the Patriotic Revolutionist Youth Movement (YDG-H) carried out an act against building of posts and for Lice resistance by throwing molotov cocktails, blasting bombs and fireworks to Hakkari Courthouse. Then clashes broke out between YDG-H activists and police. Youngs started fire in Berçelan, Kıran, Bulak, Gazi and Yenimahalle neighbourhood and did identity control at road. They often shouted the slogans of "Lice people is not alone". Police interfered with gas bombs and plastic bullets. The clashes ended at the late hours of the day.