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What is the latest situation in Tuz Khurmatu ?

17 June
12:59 2014

TUZ KHURMATU (DİHA) - Kurds, Turkmen and Arab live together in Tuz Khurmatu which is in a close distance to Kirkuk. The town of Tuz Khurmatu is now under the control of Peshmerga forces after the Iraqi army forces have left the town upon the risk of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham gangs' attacks.

Currently, the last Peshmerga checkpoint is on the lower Zab River that stretches to the town of Dubis near the city of Kirkuk in the north. According to information provided by the Peshmerga forces, the ISIS checkpoint is only half a kilometer away from the Kurdish forces and that via taxi drivers on the road, the militants have asked for reassurance that they will not be attacked from the north. Peshmerga forces moved in to secure the provincial capital and protect the rural population left vulnerable to ISIS attacks.

Flags of Kurdistan in Tuz Khurmatu

The flags of Federal Kurdistan Region is waving in the town. On the other hand, Peshmerga forces set checkpoints in the entrances and exits of the town to control the town. The Kurdish Peshmerga said a security belt they have created on the southern edges of Tuz Khurmatu has prevented the gangs of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) from bringing their fight to the Kurdish areas.

ISIS attacks Baquoba

ISIS attacked and took control of parts of the central Iraq city of Baquoba but security forces eventually repelled the assault Tuesday, army and police officers said. The overnight attack took place in the center of Baquoba, capital of Diyala province, and according to the officers, saw militants temporarily occupying several neighborhoods. The city, located just 60 kilometers north of Baghdad, is the closest the fighting has come to the capital since a major militant offensive swept down from the north last week.


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