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Abbas Vali in MedNuçe: Kurds must generate a mutual transitory defense unit

17 June
14:28 2014

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - While the gangs of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) are signing new massacres in Iraq for all the world to see, the chaos situation in the region is gestating to new librations in all the Middle East.

The Peshmergas forces, army of Federal Kurdistan Region, who stopped the Kirkuk march of ISIS, have become the first indication of this. The actual partnership of Peshmergas forces and People's Defense Units (YPG), army of Rojava Democratic Autonomous Cantons, at the border of Iraq-Syria has become another indication of these new librations in the region. Boğaziçi University Teaching Assistant Prof. Dr. Abbas Vali evaluated the recent process in Iraq being created by ISIS when Vali joined in the English News Bulletin on MedNuçe TV.

'Possibility of Turkey's organizing operation to ISIS is low'

Vali began to his speech by saying: "Iran and the USA have to renew and revise their politicies which they have insisted in. Not only them, all the sides, who have relations in the region, have to change their policies. The same thing is also valid for Turkey. Possibility of Turkey's organizing operation to ISIS in Iraq with military troops to is low. Turkey has to thing twice before such a thing. Therefore, I do not think that they are speaking about such a possibility."

'Kurds must generate a mutual transitory defense unit'

Prof. Dr. Abbas Vali noted: "Kurds are in an advantageous situation. They must generate a mutual transitory defense unit to evaluate this advantageous situation well. All the powers and sides, who have relations with Iraq and regional countries, have to revise their policies."


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