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Atty. Özkan: No investigations were opened regarding killing of Aras

17 June
15:36 2014

ADANA (DİHA) - It has been stated that no investigations has been opened concerning the killing of 15-year-old minor named Ibrahim Aras in Adana on 15 June.

Ibrahim Aras was massacred two days ago after being hit on the head by a stun grenade or a gas canister fired from a police armoured vehicle. We interviwed with Aras family's lawyer Vedat Özkan regarding the subject. Attorney Özkan drew attention that there has been no prosectors in the investigations today. Attorney Özkan said: "The Scene Designation and Dead Examination Report confirms that the victim lost his life as a result of a stun grenade splintering the skull. The remarks of the doctors are also in this direction. There has been no explosive substances on the hand of child in none way. Aras was killed by blast bomb thrown close-range."

'No investigations, no dismissals'

According to eyewitnesses in Hürriyet neighbourhood bound to central Seyhan district of Adana province, police officers threw a blast bomb from a scorpion type armoured vehicle and this bomb caused to death of 15-year-old child Ibrahim Aras. Lawyer Özkan told DİHA: "We are in coordination with the juridicial offials from the first day to now. No investigations were opened regarding the killing of Aras yet and none officials have not been dismissed yet."

'It has become 3 days'

Barrister Özkan added: "Crime scene investigations was not made properly. Skull bones belonging to Ibrahim are still on the ground. The juridicial officals are very slow at probing the incident. It has become 3 days. However, there has no investigations yet. All these are bringing the question of 'Are they trying to cover up the incident?' to our minds."


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