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HPG: Our guerilla was captured injuredly and executed by Turkish forces

4 July
16:42 2014

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The People's Defence Forces (HPG) Centre Command HQ has accused the Turkish army of executing a HPG guerrilla in Başkale (Elbak) district of Van.

According to the report of ANF, the Command HQ issued a statement saying the guerrilla reported to have been killed in a clash in the Başkale district of Van yesterday was summarily executed by the Turkish army. The statement said the guerrilla, named as Alican Erikmen, code name Şervan Koçer, had not been killed 'in a clash with the Iranian army', as claimed by the Turkish General Command.

'Our guerilla was taken hostage and martyrised'

The Peoples Defence Centre Command HQ statement reads a follows: "On 2 July at around 11 pm on the Iran-Turkey border a four person courier unit was heading from East Kurdistan to the Northern region when it was ambushed by the Turkish army near the village of Dirîşkê (Sualtı) of Elbak. 7 armoured cars were involved in the ambush, which had been set up based on intelligence. Our unit carried out the necessary manoeuvre to withdraw from the area, but during the withdrawal Şervan Koçer (Alican Erikmen) lost contact with the group and was wounded and captured by the Turkish forces and executed. Our guerilla was taken hostage and was martyrised by Turkish armed forces."

'There was no involvement of the Iranian army'

"The statement of the Turkish General Command bears no relation to reality. There was no involvement of the Iranian army. The incident resulted from an ambush arranged by Turkish military forces. According to information we have obtained our comrade was hit in the chest and front of the body. This indicates that he was shot dead by the Turkish forces in the early hours of the morning," HPG underlined.

'Brutal murder of our comrade will be called to account'

The statement ended: "We remember our comrade Şervan Koçer and promise to preserve his memory by taking the struggle to a successful conclusion. We proffer our condolences to his family and the people of Kurdistan. The brutal murder of our comrade despite the existence of the ceasefire will be called to account. We appreciate and greet the patriotic people of Elbak who have taken ownership of their martyr. We believe they will carry out all the necessary duties for our martyr."

Identity of HPG guerilla

Another statement by the HPG explained the identity of this guerilla code named Şervan with the public opinion. Şervan Koçer code named guerilla's real name is Alican Erikmen, said the statement. Guerilla Koçer was born in Siirt province in 1986 and joined in the ranks of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Istanbul in 2005.


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