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KCK warns Turkey over its support for ISIS gangs

12 July
16:38 2014

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Co-Presidency has issued a strong warning to the AKP government, saying: “The resolution process in the north and your support for ISIS in Rojava cannot coexist”.

The KCK statement emphasised that it was inevitable that the revolutions in the North and in Rojava would become as one. A shortened version of the KCK statement is as follows: “The Rojava revolution is the revolution of the whole of Kurdistan. The assault on Kobane is an assault on the heart of Kurdistan. The necessary response is for all four parts of Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora to take ownership of the resistance in Kobane.”

'AKP and ISIS have joint strategy to throttle Rojava revolution'

"The Kobane resistance stands for the honour of the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people will never surrender to tyranny and will resist to the end. The Turkish state must immediately abandon its support for ISIS. The AKP and ISIS have a joint strategy to take Kobane and throttle the Rojava revolution. The Kurdish people should be aware that one of the aims of this plan is to ensure the release of the Turkish consular staff held hostage by ISIS in Mosul."

'It's inevitable that revolutions in North and Rojava will become as one'

“The AKP state is openly encouraging the ISIS gangs to attack Rojava in front of the eyes of our people in Urfa, Ceylanpınar, Birecik and Suruç. How can young Kurdish people turn a blind eye to this? Everyone must mobilise against the AKP. The resolution process in the north and AKP support for ISIS in Rojava cannot coexist. Either the AKP state supports ISIS, or it acts in accordance with the spirit of the resolution process. Otherwise it is inevitable that the revolutions in the North and in Rojava will become as one and unstoppable.”