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Campaigns of Rojava support spreading

20 July
12:30 2014

ŞIRNAK / SİİRT (DİHA) - On the first day of an aid campaign launched for Rojava in the city of Siirt and Şırnak, 180 tonnes of basic necessities were collected.

The aid campaign for Rojava, which has been organised by the Siirt municipality with the slogan 'Rojava is the honour of the people, protect your own honour', was welcomed warmly by the people of Siirt. They donated 50 tonnes of aid, consisting of staple food products and basic necessities such as wheat, sugar, rice, oil, lentils, butterbeans, infant formulas and nappies in the first 24 hours of the campaign.
Aid to be sent to aid centre in Suruç

People are bringing donations to tents set up in Sancaklar Primary school in Güreş street, the service building of Siirt Municipality and the Orhan Doğan city park in the Barış (peace) neighbourhood and is then being transferred to a municipal collection centre by vehicles. The commission set up for the campaign has visited villages and called on people to support the campaign. The aid will be sent to the aid centre in the Suruç district of Urfa on 25 July.

The humanitarian aid campaign being launched in Şırnak province is also spreading. Up to now, 130 tonnes of basic necessities have been collected regarding the campaign, said the Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) municipality. The aid campaign here is spreading to the dictricts and towns of Şırnak, as well.


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