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YPG: 685 gang members killed in last month

2 August
13:03 2014

KOBANÊ (DİHA) - West Kurdistan's People's Defense Units (YPG) Press Office has released its balance-sheet of war in the Kobanê canton for the month of July which witnessed fierce clashes between YPG and YPJ (Women's Defense Units) forces and ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) gangs that have intensified their attacks on the canton for the last one month.

According to the balance-sheet of war, 685 ISIS members were killed, 6 tanks and 14 headquarters of the gangs were hit and dozens of weaponry were seized from gangs. 72 YPG/YPJ fighters and two civilians lost their life in last month's clashes. The figures highlighted in the balance-sheet of war in the Kobanê canton for the month of July are as follows;

*ISIS gangs carried out 57 attacks including 21 artillery, howitzer and mortar bombardments. The villages of Zor Mixar and Beyadiyê were hit by 3 thousand shells and 57 mortars.

*YPG forces launched 8 offensives targeting the bases and headquarters of the gangs. (The acts carried out by YPG during the operation initiated on 22 July aren't involved in the figure).

*685 members of the gang groups,including five emir (leaders) were killed. 232 among them were killed during the YPG operation which was launched on 22 July and is still continuing.

*The body of one of the five leaders killed is held by the YPG. Hundreds of gang members were wounded during the clashes.

*YPG fighters damaged 6 tanks, 28 military vehicles and 2 motorcycles, and hit 14 headquarters of the gangs. 2 of the tanks and 5 of the vehicles targeted by YPG became unusable.

*Dozens of weaponry including 17 kalashnikov rifles, 8 rockets and hundreds of bullets were seized.

*The village of Çel Oxilê and a hamlet in Beyadiye were liberated from gangs on 23 July, and the villages of Girê Zagros and Mala Berkil on 31 July.

*A total of 74 people, including 56 YPG and 16 YPJ fighters, and two civilians, lost thier life in clashes that took place in July.


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