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YPG liberates another village from ISIS

2 August
14:17 2014

KOBANÊ (DİHA) - An operation which was initiated by the YPG-YPJ (People's / Women's Defense Units) fighters against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) gangs under the name of ‘retaliation for Kobanê martyrs’ on the western front of Kobanê is continuing since 22 July.

As part of the operation, YPG/YPJ forces have surrounded the Fêwenta village in the east of Kobanê canton held by ISIS gangs. Following an offensive in the village which is held by gang groups since local residents left it upon ISIS attacks, YPG/YPJ fighters liberated the village from ISIS gangs, killing many members of the radical Islamist groups and forcing the rest to withdraw from the region. ISIS gangs are reported to have laid mines across the village and to have seized the goods they found in the houses they raided before withdrawing their forces from the area.

New attacks

On the other hand, ISIS gangs launched mortar and artillery attacks targeting the villages of Boraz, Dugirman, Girê Zagros and Berkil Keçelo in the west of the canton throughout last night. The attacks of ISIS gangs on Kobanê, going on since 20 July 2013, gained a new dimension following the occupation of the Mosul city in Federal Kurdistan in June. ISIS gangs intensified their attacks against the canton as of 2 July, leading up to clashes with YPG/YPJ fighters who responded to the attacks on three fronts.

Speaking to ANF about the recent operation and clashes in the region, Kobanê YPG/YPJ Command Council member Meysa Abdo said they have broken the wave of attacks recently, ending the defense position and initiating a move against the gangs. The region of Tal Abyad in the eastern front of Kobanê, one of the fronts witnessing the most intensified attacks, is currently being held by YPG/YPJ forces following a month of fierce clashes with ISIS gangs.


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