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Gaza war in numbers

6 August
11:39 2014

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The latest Health Ministry reports showed that at least 1867 Palestinians have been killed since the Israeli offensive was launched - including 462 children, 245 women and 79 elderly.

Palestinian factions and Israel have endorsed an Egypt-sponsored proposal for a 72-hour ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which came into force at 05:00am GMT on Tuesday. The ceasefire brought to a halt Israel's deadliest offensive on the blockaded Gaza Strip – home to some 1.8 million Palestinians – within the past six years. Below is an account of casualties and the scale of damage on both sides since the offensive, codenamed "Operation Protective Edge," was launched in the late night of July 7.

Palestinian casualties

The latest Health Ministry reports showed that at least 1867 Palestinians have been killed since the Israeli offensive was launched - including 462 children, 245 women and 79 elderly. Over 9563 Palestinians have also been injured – including 2877 children, 1853 women and 374 elderly, according to the ministry. More than 475,000 Palestinians have been internally displaced within the Gaza Strip by the Israeli onslaught, according to a report by the Euro-mid Observatory for Human Rights, a Geneva-based NGO which operates in Gaza.

Material damage

Some 5510 residential units have been completely destroyed by Israel's relentless aerial, naval and ground bombardments on the Gaza Strip since July 7, according to Palestinian Minister of Public Works and Housing Mofeed al-Hasayna. Some 30920 residential units have been partially damaged – including 4600 units no longer fit for living. Twelve houses belonging to Hamas leaders have been destroyed by Israeli strikes – including senior leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud al-Zahhar. The homes of Marwan Eissa and Ahmed al-Jaabari, leading members of Hamas' military wing Al-Qassam Brigades, have also been destroyed. Over 24 hospitals across the Gaza Strip have been partially destroyed in the Israeli bombings and 36 ambulance vehicles targeted by Israeli forces, according to Palestinian Health Ministry accounts.

Israeli forces have also targeted over 188 schools and six universities in Gaza – all suffered partial damage. The educational facilities damaged in the offensive cater to some 152,000 students in Gaza. Over 134 mosques have also been damaged during the offensive, including 43 mosques which have been completely destroyed, according to the Euro-mid Observatory for Human Rights. The report also said that 22 charity offices in Gaza have been directly hit by Israeli forces during the assault. Israeli strikes also destroyed eight sewage plants, which serve some 700,000 Palestinians, according to official estimates.

Israeli casualties

The Israeli army has confirmed the killing of 64 of its troops since the beginning of the offensive, including soldier Oron Shaul which Hamas says has captured in Gaza as well as officer Hadar Godin which Israel said was kidnapped and later declared him dead in ground battles with Palestinian fighters in the southern Rafah city. The Israeli army also said that 400 Israeli troops have been injured. However, reports by two Israeli hospitals suggest that the actual number of injured Israeli soldiers is far higher than what has been announced. A recent report by Israel's Soroka medical center in the southern Beersheba city said that over 651 Israeli soldiers have been treated on its premises. Three Israeli civilians have also been killed by rocket fire, according to Israel's Magen David Adom emergency service. The service also said that it had treated 633 Israeli civilians during the offensive, most of which were treated from "panic" caused by rockets launched from Gaza.

Israeli damage

Israeli forces normally do not provide extensive information on material damage caused by rockets fired from Gaza. However, previous statements on Twitter by the Israeli army and police mentioned that some rockets fell on houses and cars in Israel.


According to statements by Israeli military officials, Israel has fired 7178 missiles, 15580 naval artillery shells and 36442 shells by forces stationed at Gaza's eastern borders. On the other hand, Palestinian resistance factions have retaliated to Israel's attacks with 3950 rockets fired at several cities across Israel, including Tel Aviv, according to a Palestinian source who spoke with Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity. Many rockets, however, have been intercepted by Israel's Iron-Dome defense system, as announced by Israeli army officials throughout the offensive. For its part, the Israeli army said it had targeted 4720 sites in Gaza during the offensive, saying that Palestinian factions have fired 3385 rockets at Israel.


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