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Maxmur regained from ISIS - LAST MINUTE

10 August
17:38 2014

MAXMUR (DİHA) - The town of Maxmur, which is 40 km far from Hewler, has been regained by the Maxmur Defense Units in the wake of 4-days fierce clashes.

After liberating the village of Guwer from the gangs, Maxmur Resistance Units have entered Maxmur town within the pioneering of HPG guerrillas in the afternoon. The Maxmur Resistance Units, being formed of the HPG/YJA STAR (People's Defense Forces/ Free Women Troops) guerrillas, Peshmergas of KDP, YNK and Goran and militias from Maxmur, entered Maxmur with lots of heavy weapons and armoured vehicles at about 15.30 in local time.

Even though clashes are going on in some parts, the gangs of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) have been swept from the town. The Defense Units took the town under their control.

Maxmur town has a strategical importance to reach the capital of Federal Kurdistan Region, Hewler.


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