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YPG’s self-made tanks protecting revolution

18 August
15:11 2014


- The tanks and armored vehicles produced locally in Rojava have been vital in giving the YPG (People's Protection Units) the edge over the Islamic State or Iraq and Sham (ISIS) over the past two years.

The vehicles, which are produced using trucks, pick-ups and construction equipment, have demonstrated a great deal of success in clashes with ISIS tanks and have been a significant asset to the YPG. Since the very beginning the people of Rojava have carried out their revolution under attack from ISIS and other forces and while subjected to an embargo which prevented help from the outside. In particular YPG forces have had to develop alternatives using whatever means at hand in order to counter the heavy weapons employed by ISIS and have been using the self-made tanks and armored vehicles in the most intense clashes over the past year.

The vehicles have seen action recently both against regime forces in Hasekê (al-Hasakah) and against ISIS in Rabia and Til Koçer. They have also been deployed to protect civilians and evacuate injured YPG fighters. The ingeniously designed tanks and armored vehicles are also equipped with camera systems that allow them to assess outside threats. Produced in workshops run by the YPG using their own means, they are protected against heavy machine-gun and rocket fighter.

Without access to foreign weapons and equipment, the YPG are proving the ability to counter such weapons by relying on their means and ingenuity.


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