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Operation to liberate Jalawla, Saadiya and Noran

26 August
11:47 2014

HEWLER (DİHA) - Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) official in Khanaqin, Hemin Mansour, has declared that Kurdish Peshmerga forces, Asayish and police have surrounded Jalawla on three sides. Soon the town, along with the Saadiya, area will be freed from Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) gangs.

“ Jalawla is calm and Peshmerga forces have not made any attacks on the ISIS insurgents’ camps,” Mansour said. “Peshmerga forces surrounded the town on three sides, the north, south and east and in the last two days, Peshmerga have progressed effieciently, ridding villages of ISIS militants,” added Mansour. “Due to the attacks of Peshmerga forces in the last two days, as well as a number of militants, many ISIS leaders and Amirs have been killed.”

'Peshmergas to liberate both Jalawla and Saadiya soon'

“Peshmerga forces are ready and soon they will free both Jalawla and Saadiya from ISIS gangs,” added Mansour. Police Official in Khanaqin, Farhad Rafhat, said that after Peshmerga forces attacked some areas of Jalawla, ISIS insurgents are scared and have neither the will or courage to defend themselves. “According to our information, ISIS leaders have left Jalawla and escaped to Sleman Begg and Mosul which has caused anger among ISIS insurgents,” said Rafhat.

'ISIS insurgents have raped many Arab women'

He noted that ISIS militants have stopped attacking and defending themselves against Peshmerga forces, instead using IED’s and suicide bombs. Rafhat stated that ISIS insurgents have raped many Arab women settled in Jalawla and to date have killed 35 civilians whose bodies are yet to be located. “Recently, some of the ISIS militants have been in contact us and asked us to forgive them in order to surrender to Peshmerga forces,” added Rafhat.

Peshmerga starts offensive in Noran area

A source in Kurdistan Ministry of Peshmerga announced on Monday the start of an attack on Noran area near Tilkaif, 20 km north of Mosul. The source said that the Peshmerga forces launched attacks with heavy and light weapons on the ISIS strongholds to expel them from Noran area and to enter Tilkaif district, north of Mosul after the ISIS elements controlled the area and the withdrawal of the Peshmerga from them. The source noted that the information refers to the casualties among the ISIS forces and the withdrawal of a great number of them, according to the source statements.


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