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Soldiers demolish guerrilla 'martyrdoom' at Mawa

1 September
14:14 2014

SİİRT (DİHA) - Turkish soldiers demolished a “Martyrdoom” built by families of guerrillas who lost their lives in the Siirt region.

According to the information coming through, Turkish soldiers demolished the walls of the “martyr's cemetery” which some families have started to build only recently for the burial of their children who lost their lives in different places and at different times in the area of the Mawa Mountain near the village of Şemsê (Güneşli) in Siirt province. Soldiers took a bulldozer to the cemetery for the demolition.

Two helicopters are reported to be carrying out reconnaissance flight in the region where military activity also continues. A delegation of the IHD (Human Rights Association) Siirt branch went to the cemetery area on hearing about the incident.


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