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Demolished martyrdoom to be rebuilt

2 September
16:19 2014

BATMAN (DİHA) - A cemetery for guerrillas destroyed by Turkish soldiers is to be rebuilt.

The cemetery, in the Semse village located on the slopes of Mawa mountain in between the Hasankeyf district of Batman and Siirt, for PKK guerrillas who have fallen at different times in the region, was destroyed yesterday morning at around 7:00 by Turkish soldiers with 2 diggers and 50 armoured vehicles. Going immediately to the cemetery after its destruction, the people of the region decided to hold a vigil at the scene by setting up tents in order to re-construct the cemetery.

HDP Batman deputy Ayla Akat Aka, DBP Batman branch chair Serdar Atalay, MEYA-DER Batman co-chair Sukru Baytar and DBP and HDP Kurtalan branch members have visited the scene in order to observe and investigate the attack of the soldiers. Speaking at the cemetery, HDP Batman deputy Ayla Akat Aka strongly condemned the attack. In the evening hours the elected representatives from DBP, HDP, as well as members of IHD, Siirt Peace Mothers and NGO’s and many other citizens went to the cemetery to hold the vigil. In addition to those coming from Siirt, people from the neighbouring villages also joined the vigil.

A member of the Peace Mothers’ Assembly, Masallah Isıkarslan, said they came to take ownership of the cemetery, adding: “Today is 1st of September, the World Peace Day, and while peace is demanded everywhere, the AKP continues its attacks. They do not even have respect for our martyrs. But we will reclaim our martyrs as long as we live. We will rebuild our cemetery each time they destroy it”.

A member of MEYA-DER Siirt Branch, Hacı Sevim, also said “Despite all the destruction, we will rebuild the cemetery turning it into a heavenly place”. The vigil that is planned to continue until the cemetery is rebuilt will be held by the institutions and people from Siirt until next Monday and will be taken over by people from Batman the following week.


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