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Number of casualties increasing in border intervention

22 September
15:40 2014

URFA (DİHA) - There are lots of wounded people in the military intervention by Turkish troops with live ammunition, gas canisters and water canons in Etmanik village. Citizens Cihan Akdemir and Hayrettin Kaçak were seriously wounded by Turkish troops.

The protest in support of the resistance in Kobanê at the Etmanik border in the Suruç district of Urfa is in its fourth day. People have gathered in the tent area which was destroyed by the attacks of the Turkish troops in the early hours of the morning. Thousands of people with hundreds of vehicles trying to reach the border were stopped in the Aligör area of Suruç district this morning. The people whose vehicles were taken from them walked through the police barricades.

Threat to journalists and custody

The blockade of the Turkish soldiers and police is also continuing in the entrance to Suruç. Despite the obstacles, the people are trying to access the border with Kobanê. One of the wounded youngs was detained by soldiers. Turkish police and soldiers did not allow press labourers to take photographes. They also threatened the journalists to launch legal action.

Journalist wounded

The Hurriyet reporter was wounded in the legs on account of a teargas canister fired by the police. While the clashes have spreaded to large territories, police and soldiers had to retreat from their positions after the massive resistance of people.

'Do you have no honour?'

The military vehicles announced as "Children, elder ones are deceiving you". People responded with dancing halays and shouting slogans. The youngs called on Kurdish soldiers among Turkish troops: "How do you teargas your people? Do you have no honour?" The military vehicles are playing nationalist and racist anthems. The attacks of Turkish troops at people is going on.


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