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'Bodyguard-like' resistance in Kobanê: 89 ISIS members killed

23 September
15:30 2014

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - YPG (People's Protection Units) Press Centre has released a statement providing information about yesterday's clashes with ISIS gangs attacking Kobanê from the fronts.

YPG Press Centre stressed that their forces have halted ISIS advance on three fronts, adding; “Gangs attacking from the eastern, western and southern fronts of Kobanê with all their forces are being inflicted heavy blows owing to the brave fight given by our people and forces shoulder to shoulder.” The statement remarked that gangs launched intense attacks in all areas in east Kobanê last night, but were immediately responded, ambushed and severely hit by YPG forces. 11 gang members were confirmed killed here, it added.

ISIS advance halted on 3 fronts

YPG said that their forces also carried out simultaneous actions targeting gang groups deployed in two separate positions around the village of Ayn Betê on the eastern front. 13 members of the gangs were ascertained killed in YPG's action. The statement noted that attacks intensified on the southern front of the canton yesterday, giving the following information about Monday's clashes and outcomes; "5 fighters of the YPG infiltrated gang positions near the village of Gewrî to the south Kobanê late in the evening. Following hours of heavy clashes, YPG fighters detonated bombs, killing themselves and 29 gang members.”

Dozens of gang members killed

YPG forces also carried out efficient actions against the gang groups attacking the villages of Ziravik and Bêrxbatan in south Kobanê, killing 25 members of the jihadist gangs in heavy clashes. According to the statement, 8 gang members were confirmed killed in another YPG action in the village of Sistik. Dozens of gang members were killed in another action in which YPG fighters targeted ISIS gangs in the village of Şêx Çoban, again on the southern front. The statement noted that they were disconnected from 2 YPG fighters after the action.

Gangs inflicted heavy blows

YPG Press Centre added that clashes on the western front also continued all day and night long yesterday. Dozens of gang members were killed in the fighting during which gangs were inflicted heavy blows.


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