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Racist attacks begin following Erdoğan's speech

10 October
13:57 2014

ANTEP (DİHA) - After the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “the PKK and ISIS are the same for us” in the city of Antep, the Turkish police, fascist racist groups and supporters of the ISIS gangs assaulted Kurds in the city. 4 people died in incidents.

Kurdish patriotic people protesting the brutal attacks by ISIS gangs in Kobanê became the target of a vicious assault. The fascist gangs, encouraged, promoted and led by the Turkish police, targeted Kurdish people in the Bayrak and Vatan neighbourhoods with sticks, knives and hand guns. The Turkish police initially attacked protests that started in the neighbourhoods early evening. After the protestors resisted against the police, many fascist racist gangs were brought to the neighbourhoods and they were set on the protestors. The fascist gangs, carrying machetes and guns, murdered 4 Kurds in the neighbourhood and wounded many protestors.

During the incidents the DBP (Party of Democratic Regions) district offices in Şahinbey and Şehitkamil districts were set alight by the fascist gangs. The names of the people murdered by the fascist racist gangs are as follows: Süleyman Balcı (15), Sevgi Alıcı (16), Ömer Uçeker (27). The name of the other person who was killed by the gangs has not been clarified yet.


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