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Noam Chomsky asks UN to save Kobanê, blames Turkey bombardment on PKK

15 October
11:59 2014

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - The UN Security Council should help establish a ceasefire to prevent a massacre of Kurdish fighters, defending Kobanê from Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) militants, said world-renowned academic and political thinker Noam Chomsky.

"With regard to Kobanê, it is a shocking situation. This morning's newspaper described Turkish military operation against Kurds in Turkey, not against ISIS, a couple of kilometers across the border where they are in danger of being slaughtered. I think something should be done at the UN in terms of a strong resolution to call for a ceasefire," Chomsky told reporters at the UN headquarters.

'Kobanê could be a major massacre with enormous consequences'

"It is hard to impose the use of force, but to the extent that it can be done to protect Kobanê from destruction at the hands of ISIS, which could be a major massacre with enormous consequences," Chomsky said, adding that "the strategic significance of the town in the Kurdish region is pretty obvious, and the Turkish role is critical in this."


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