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Over 60 gang members killed in Shengal within 3 days

22 October
13:33 2014

SHENGAL (DİHA) - HPG (People's Defense Forces) Shengal Command has reported in a written statement today that 63 gang members were killed in the last three days of fierce clashes in Sinjar (Shengal) region.

HPG Sinjar Command stated that ISIS gangs have intensified their attacks on the Sinjar region over the last three days, and that HGP guerrillas and YBŞ (Sinjar Resistance Units) fighters continued to step up the determined resistance against the gangs. The statement said HPG and YBŞ forces responded immediately to all the attacks launched by the gangs, stressing that the people of Sinjar have also taken their place in the resistance, not leaving their lands and continuing the struggle for life under severest conditions they could ever face.

'ISIS recently intensified attacks around Shengal Mountain'

The HPG Sinjar Command remarked that ISIS gangs have recently intensified their attacks in face of the determined stance maintained by the people, with an aim to narrow the circle around Mount Sinjar and to massacre the civilian population there. It also noted that the large-scale attacks ISIS carried out on 19, 20 and 21 October targeted the regions of Skiniye, Barê, Şilo and Solak villages. According to the HPG statement, the gangs launched a separate wave of attacks on the villages of Dahola and Borik on 19 Oct. evening, and fierce clashes took place in Barê, Solak and Shilo villages where Kurdish forces responded to all the attacks and carried out many actions against the gangs.

ISIS suffering heavy losses

HPG reported that fighting intensified in Barê and Solak on the first day and around Solak region on the second day of concentrated attacks, adding.; "55 ISIS members were killed and more than 10 others were wounded in the two days of clashes. Corpses of 13 ISIS members remained in the area held by the guerrilla, and those of 3 others were seized." Pointing out that a convoy of the gangs was targeted while on en route between Shilo and Barê in an ambush by the guerrillas on the third day, the HPG statement added that 4 gang members were killed, 3 wounded and 2 vehicles of theirs were damaged in the action. One other action of the guerrillas left 4 gang members dead near the Barê village.

4 guerrillas lose their lives

The statement noted that HPG and YBŞ forces carried out actions against 7 vehicles belonging the gangs, destroying five vehicles and damaging 8 others. The Kurdish forces also seized large quantities of ammunition belonging to the gangs. HPG Sinjar Command added that 63 gang members were killed and 14 others wounded in the last three days of fierce clashes in Sinjar region. 3 HPG guerrillas and 1 YBŞ fighter also lost their lives in the fighting.


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