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Twelve Êzidî women join in ranks of Yekineyên Berxwedanê Şengalê

23 October
12:42 2014

SHENGAL (DİHA) - More and more people are joining the Shengal Resistance Units (YBS-Yekineyên Berxwedanê Şengalê) to fight the ISIS gangs. A week ago 12 young Êzidî (Yezidi) women issued a press release after they had joined up, saying: “We as Yezidi women are taking our place in this resistance, and we call on all Yezidi women to join us.”

The ranks of the YBS, set up by the people in Sinjar (Shengal) after the massacres on 3 August, are growing by the day. The 12 young Yezidi women who joined up last week are now receiving training. One of the women, Dılfin Xıdır (Evrim), said: “The HPG and YBS are fighting and dying for us every day so we want to take our place in this honourable resistance. We have come to save our land and our people from the clutches of the gangs. Many women want to join the YBS, but their families do not allow them to do so. They should allow them to do so, as our honour is our land and country. Some people have fled to Zakho or Duhok and are wondering what is happening in Sinjar. We say to them: ‘Sinjar is in the hands of the gangs and we are fighting them every day for your land. You must return and liberate your land from these inhuman gangs.’”

‘We are fighting for our people’s freedom’

Xıdır continued, saying they were fighting for their people’s freedom. She said those worried about honour should remember the reality of 5 thousand women having been abducted by ISIS. She added: “We will take revenge for this massacre and call on everyone to join the struggle.” Xalide Xelil(Beritan) said she had joined the YBS to do something for Yezidi mothers and girls, adding: “We have been receiving training for a week. Lots of Yezidis fled and left Sinjar defenceless. They left their elderly parents behind. We stayed and joined the YBS. Our leaders ran away.”

‘We have challenged the role of women’

Xelil added that they had changed perceptions of the role of women in society, saying: “previously, women were expected to clean the house, cook and look after children. They said we couldn’t fight. But now we are fighting the gangs on Mount Sinjar. We will no longer live as slaves. If we die of the cold or while fighting for our freedom it will be an honourable death. We are training to fight the gangs in the hills. For this we are eternally grateful to Leader Apo and the PKK.”