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European left to go to Kobanê border

24 October
13:02 2014

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - A delegation led by French Communist Party (PCF) National Secretary Pierre Laurent is to go to the Kobanê border on 27 October to meet the people. The delegation will consist of members of left parties from Germany, Greece, Italy, Denmark and Spain.

According to close confidantes of PCF National Secretary Pierre Laurent, the visit will take place between 27 and 29 October, prior to the global solidarity day with Kobanê on 1 November. The delegation led by Pierre Laurent, who is also a Paris senator and the President of the Party of the European Left, will also meet DBP and HDP officials in addition to the people of Kobanê at the border.

Laurent will visit Amed and Mardin as well as Suruç. The aim of the visit is “to demonstrate the solidarity of France for all the men and women who have mobilised for weeks to assist the Kurdish resistance and refugees.” Laurent is expected to meet representatives of various political parties and local administrators, and will take the opportunity to propose a broad-based conference for peace and development in the Middle East under the auspices of the UN.

The Communist delegation will consist of PCF National Co-ordination member, Lydia Samarbakhsh, PCF-Kurdistan Network organiser Danielle Lebail and Sylvie Jan, the chair of the French Kurdistan Solidarity Association. A delegation from the Party of the European Left will also go to the border. This delegation will consist of members of the German Left Party (Die Linke), Syriza from Greece, the Freedom and Solidarity Party (ÖDP) from Turkey, the Red-Green Alliance from Danimarka, the Rifondazione (Communist Refoundation Party) from Italy and the United Left from Spain.


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