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YPG/YPJ liberates 5 villages and hamlets from ISIS in Serêkaniyê

15 November
15:45 2014

SERÊKANİYÊ (DİHA) - Five villages and some hamlets have been liberated from ISIS gangs in Serêkaniyê.

YPG (People's Protection Units) Press Centre reported in a written statement that the operation launched by YPG and YPJ (Women's Protection Units) fighters in south and southwest Serêkaniyê city of West Kurdistan was continuing.

YPG Press Centre stated that five villages, Omeyir, Nofeliyê, Tolan, Nûh and Gire Ebubekîr, and many hamlets have been liberated from ISIS gangs within the scope of the operation.

7 ISIS members killed

The statement noted that 7 members of the gangs were killed in clashes during the operation which is still going on. More details to come in the following hours.


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