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17 including 4 minors jailed in Diyarbakır

9 December
11:53 2014

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Yet another minor has been taken into custody in Diyarbakır (Amed) in connection with the killing of 4 people supporting the HÜR-DAVA Party in October.

The detention came as part of an operation conducted two days ago, resulting in the custody of 17 people alleged to have participated Kobanê protests on 6-8 October and to have ties with the killing of four people supporting the Hüdapar in the conflict.

Following procedures at court, 17 of the detainees, who include four minors, were arrested, while one was released after bearing testimony.

Among 21 people who had been detained on the basis of same accusations five days ago, 8 were arrested, including a minor.


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