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Home raids in Karayazı and Hizan: At least 60 detained

9 December
12:18 2014

ERZURUM/BİTLİS (DİHA) - At least 60 people were taken into custody by police during home raids in Karayazı and Hizan districts.

Turkish police organized simultaneous home raids in Karayazi district of Erzurum at the early hours of the morning. In the wake of raids, at least 30 people were detained on grounds of joining in 6-7 October Kobanê solidarity acts. Police distributed the articles inside the houses during the raids and searched through everywhere. The detainees were brought to district police HQ.

Police also raided 30 houses in Hizan district of Hizan this morning. Over 30 people were taken into custody and brought to the district police HQ.


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