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Hunger strike in Sulaymaniyah in support of prisoners in Urmia

10 December
12:03 2014

SULAYMANIYAH (DİHA) - A hunger strike has been started in Sulaymaniyah, South Kurdistan, in support of the political prisoners in Urmia central prison in East Kurdistan who have been on hunger strike for 20 days now against repression and the execution threats of the Iranian regime.

Dozens of people are joining the hunger strike which has been launched in response to a call of the Komiteya Rojhilate Kurdistan (East Kurdistan Committee, KJAR) in the city of Sulaymaniyah in South Kurdistan. A spokesperson of KJAR, Sadiye Wekili, said “everyone can be in solidarity with different forms of action”. Speaking to Roj News, Wekili said: “As far as we could learn, 29 political prisoners in the Urmiye Prison have been on hunger strike for 20 days. The health of the prisoners is critical. Everyone must somehow be in solidarity with these prisoners in order for them not to be exposed to torture or face execution. As these prisoners were imprisoned because they defended the interests of the people, we now have to defend their rights. We all know that the Iranian regime aims to break down the will of the Kurds, but it will never be able to do so”.

Sadiye Wekili added that their action would continue for two days in front of the Kurdish Parliament in Suleymaniyah. Visiting the solidarity action, MP Salar Mehmud said: “We always support such actions. We will hear your demands and convey them to the competent authorities, especially to the Kurdistan Regional Parliament. We are ready to help for anything when needed, and you are very welcome here”.


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