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As operation ongoing, 3 more gangs killed in Shengal

15 January
16:16 2015

SHENGAL (DİHA) - The Operation to Liberate Shengal and fighting with Daesh gangs are continuing, reported HPG (People's Defense Forces) Shengal Command and YBŞ (Shengal Resistance Units) General Command in a written statement about the ongoing battle in Shengal.

The statement said that peshmerga fighters alongside the guerrilla forces had carried out an assault targeting the Daesh groups around the Xeyir Nasır neighborhood last night. According to the statement, 1 gang member was confirmed killed and one other wounded in the assault, although the exact number of Daesh casualties is believed to be higher.

Early Thursday morning, guerrilla forces conducted two actions against the gang groups in Shengal town centre, leaving 2 members of the Daesh gangs dead.

The statement reported that the Deash gangs have launched mortar attacks targeting the Mount Shengal and surrounding areas from 9 to 10 am this morning. Fierce clashes erupted in the region as Kurdish armed forces fiercely responded to the attacks.


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