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Ten more Daesh gangs killed in Shengal

16 January
16:25 2015

SHENGAL (DİHA) - HPG (People's Defense Forces) Shengal Command and YBŞ (Shengal Resistance Units) General Command issued a statement regarding yesterday's and today's fighting in Shengal town in South Kurdistan as the operation to liberate Shengal and fighting with Daesh gangs are continuing.

The statement said that fierce clashes have been taking place in Shengal since early this morning when Daesh gangs attempted a suicide car bombing near Berbiroj neighborhood but had to detonate the car before it reached the target after it was noticed and hit by the guerrilla forces.

Heavy blows on gangs

HPG-YBŞ Command said that violent clashes erupted after the gangs attempted to conduct an attack after detonating the car. Eight members of the gang groups were ascertained killed and their corpses remained in the clashes area, according to the statement which also added that the exact number of Daesh casualties is higher.

One guerilla die, 2 wounded

HPG-YBŞ Command further reported that 1 guerrilla has been martyred and two others wounded in clashes, and that 2 other members of the gangs were killed in assaults carried out by guerrillas against gang groups in Sinjar town centre yesterday evening.


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