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Yüksek: YPG gave AKP government a historical lesson of humanity

23 February
12:28 2015

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) Co-president Kamuran Yüksek said the AKP Government, with the draft ‘internal security’ law which is currently being debated in the Turkish parliament, wishes to abolish the constitutional right to protest. He added that the YPG had given the AKP government a lesson in humanity by allowing Turkey to evacuate the tomb of Suleyman Shah, despite Turkey refusing to open a corridor.

While protests continue regarding the ‘Internal Security Package’ that is envisaged to make changes to 21 laws, first and foremost the Law on Police Authority and Powers, 10 articles have already been passed by parliament. Yüksek said if the bill becomes law citizens will no longer have security of life.

'AKP government wishes to prevent people seeking their rights’

Yüksek added that the extra powers envisaged for the police would result in people being arrested when there is ‘reasonable suspicion’, saying that the AKP government wanted to prevent people going on to the streets to demand their rights. “If dozens of people are being shot on the streets already, once this bill becomes law there will be hundreds and thousands of people shot. That is why we are putting up a resistance,” he added.

'AKP is trying to remove fundamental rights’

Yüksek said it was not just up to the HDP MPs in parliament, but to society to protect fundamental rights. He accused the AKP government of trying to abolish rights that were enshrined in the constitution framed after the 12 September coup, which was not a progressive document.

'ISIS attacking all human values, not just Kurds’

Yüksek said the Turkish government had not heeded warnings regarding the threat posed by ISIS and had collaborated with the gangs. "ISIS is not just attacking the Kurds, but all human values. For months the AKP did not even call ISIS a terrorist organisation. There is evidence that the attacks on Kobane were organised jointly by the Turkish government and ISIS. Now the government has moved to protect the tomb of Suleyman Shah. Yüksek drew attention to the fact the YPG had opened a corridor to enable the Turkish troops to reach the tomb. He added: “For months we asked for a corridor to be opened so that YPG guerrillas could go from Afrin to assist in the defence of Kobane, but the government did nothing. But now the YPG has opened a corridor for Turkey.”

'AKP government will be responsible if there are ISIS bombs’

Yüksek recalled that ISIS gang members had tried to cross the border to Suruç carrying bombs, saying they were a serious threat to Turkey. He added that the Turkish authorities must take measures to ensure the security of citizens, stressing that ISIS posed a threat to all the peoples of Turkey, not just the Kurds. “If an ISIS bomb goes off in Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara the government will be responsible,” he said.


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