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Karayılan: Neither success nor victory in Suleyman Shah Tomb operation

23 February
14:19 2015

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - PKK Executive Committee member Murat Karayılan said the operation to move the tomb of Suleyman Shah had involved the approval of the PYD and YPG, adding that the Turkish state had also reached agreement with ISIS to ensure there was no intervention. Karayılan said it was clear that there was no military victory, as there had been no clashes. He said rather that it had been achieved by good use of diplomacy.

Firat News Agency spoke to PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) Executive Committee member and HSM (People Defense Center) General Commander Murat Karayılan regarding the Suleyman Shah Tomb operation.

* What was the role of Kurdish forces in the Suleyman Shah operation?

According to the statements of the YPG General Command, Turkish officials held 5 meetings with Kobanê Canton officials, YPG representatives and the Co-presidents of the PYD, requesting permission and support in order to evacuate the troops at Suleyman Shah. After long discussions between themselves the PYD, YPG and Canton officials gave their approval. I think this will be useful for both sides as it can be a pretext to develop relations.

* In statements made there is no mention of the YPG’s role in the operation. Why is this?

The AKP always announces what it wants to announce in order to influence public opinion. PM Davutoğlu denied obtaining permission or assistance from any authority. In that case how was it possible to enter a war zone and carry out the operation without firing a shot? When it comes to the Kurds, the state and the AKP always do this. You went through Kobanê city and travelled 33 kilometres. The security forces there escorted you and provided assistance. You could at least thank them or avoid the sort of language that was used: ‘everyone is aware of the deterrent force of Turkey!’ ISIS tried to take Kobanê with 60 tanks, and with your support, but it could not do so. The force that stopped ISIS could stop you, too! However, because the Kobanê Canton is Kurdish it is ignored as the Kurds cannot be a force. This is the perception that has been established. I followed the Turkish media all day and they all had a similar approach.

* Minister Çavuşoğlu said that 100 metres on the other side of the border was Turks’ new territory. Could you comment on this?

That land belongs to the people of Kurdistan. The Syrian state gave the previous site of the tomb at Karakozak. The original site at Jabar castle was further south. But Ashma village is in Kobanê Canton. The YPG only liberated it 10 days ago, shedding blood in the process.

* Finally what would you like to say regarding this subject?

We are not opposed to this operation, but everyone should be aware of the realities. The relationship between the AKP and ISIS has once again been revealed. I hope that Turkey will abandon the various ways it supports and cooperates with ISIS. I also hope it will not forget the significant support provided by the Kobanê Canton, and lift the embargo. Rather than opening a corridor, it should open the border to trade. We hope that following the Kurds in Kobanê providing this support that the AKP will take reciprocal steps and develop an approach based on being good neighbours, rather than one based on hostility to Kurds.


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