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YPG recovers Swedish journalist from Syrian regime

23 February
16:13 2015

QAMISHLO (DİHA) - Fighters of People's Protection Units, Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG), saved a Swedish journalist and his translator from the Syrian regime.

Swedish journalist Joakim Medin (30), alongside his translator, were abducted by Syrian regime troops in the countryside of Qamishlo city on 16 February after they had losen their ways. The regime troops brought two to Damacus, capital city.

According to information taken from YPG, Swedish journalist Medin and his translator were saved by the YPG forces. Swedish Foreign Minister Ulla Jacobson also confirmed that YPG relieved the Swedish journalist.

Joakim Medin spoke to Dengê Amerîka and thanked YPG forces for saving him from Syrian regime.


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