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Man jailed for carrying Öcalan's poster

31 March
13:12 2015

VAN (DİHA) - Out of six people who were detained in Bahçesaray district of Van yesterday morning, one has been remanded in custody for carrying a poster of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan during Newroz celebrations.

The six detainees were referred to Bahçesaray Courthouse following procedures at police headquarters. The public prosecutor demanded the arrest of all on charges of “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization” because of the posters they carried during Newroz celebration. Five among them were released while Mithat Mercimek was remanded in custody and sent to Van F Type Closed Prison.

It has been learned that Mercimek was arrested after he reacted to the court judge who called the PKK leader “terrorist leader”, and said “Öcalan is our political will”.


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