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Former borders exceeded to south of Kobanê

6 April
10:41 2015


KOBANÊ (DİHA) - The operations of YPG/YPJ forces to liberate the rural areas of Kobanê following the liberation of the town continue. YPG/YPJ forces have cleansed an entire area to the south of the town of the gangs, even going beyond the previous border at the time of the declaration of Kobanê as an autonomous canton.

Liberating hundreds of villages and hamlets in the southern areas, YPG/YPJ forces are continue their advance towards the Sirrin district on the southern front. Within the scope of the operations launched in three directions, YPG/YPJ forces advanced have 10 km to Gire Sipi (Tel Abyad) in the east, a strategically important town located on the corridor that the YPG/YPJ forces want to open between Cizire canton and Kobanê. To the west, the YPG/YPJ forces have reached the Euphrates following the liberation of Sexler district.

The borders of Kobanê at its declaration as an autonomous canton was passed to the south –from east to west- Seve Hill, Asme village, Kuneftar village, Toraman Village. While the YPG/YPJ forces have already liberated the areas within this border line, they even crossed beyond it and liberated dozens of villages and hamlets that are strategically important in the defence of Kobanê. These include the villages where mostly Arab people live: Upper and Lower Caxde villages, Qarakoxal village and its hamlets, two bridges on the road to Aleppo, Birhiso and Xeruz villages, Asme village where the Suleyman Shah Tomb was previously located, the villages of Nasiro, Geydede and Sina as well as a cement factory located in a strategically important area in Celebi village. With the liberation of this entire area YPG/YPJ forces have ended the existence of the gangs from an area alongside the Euphrates River extending from the south to the west of Kobanê.

Continuing their advance, YPG/YPJ forces have launched operations to liberate another important area, the Sirrin district. Suffering heavy blows on the southern front, the gangs are said to have changed their tactics from launching attacks as they did during the occupation attacks on Kobanê to infiltration in groups. The gangs are also said to be trying hard to incite Arab nationalism in the Arab populated villages against the YPG/YPJ forces.

YPG Commander of the Southern Front, Hakkı Serhed, said the operations to liberate the entire area around Kobanê continue despite losses their forces have suffered, adding that their forces from the southern and western fronts have met alongside the Euphrates. Serhed said the gangs continue recruiting new members to the gang groups from Central Asia. Serhed said the gangs frequently launch suicidal attacks as they have no other option at the moment in the face of heavy defeats, and added that putting an end to the existence of the gangs in the entire area will soon be achieved.


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