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213 Êzîdîs to be released from Daesh captivity

8 April
13:38 2015

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - Daesh is expected to release 213 out of the thousands of Êzîdîs in their captivity today, in what is reportedly a prisoner exchange.

Daesh violently captured around 7,000 Êzîdîs in their August attack on the city of Shengal. They have been selling the captive women across the Middle East since then, torturing and raping many of them.

According to Rojnews, a group of 213 captives, most of them women and children, are expected to be released today in the village of Hemire, south of Kirkuk. The Daesh gangs are demanding a prisoner exchange. Negotiations have continually been pushed back, but the Êzîdîs are reportedly being transported from Mosul today.


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