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Guerrillas and Peshmerga force ISIS retreat in Shengal

12 April
16:20 2015

SHENGAL (DİHA) - Kurdish guerrillas and Peshmergas have pushed out ISIS gangs from their bases in Shengal.

In a joint operation, Peshmerga forces and HPG, YJA-Star guerrillas have forced ISIS gang members to retreat. These gangs were conducting multiple attacks on Kurdish bases in Gabar village near the town of Shengal, Shengal Peshmerga Cmdr. Issa Zeway said Sunday. Officials announced there were no Kurdish casualties and no figure for ISIS casualties was available.

Kurds fight off ISIS assaults at Gwer and Hardan

Kurdish forces repelled a separate series of attacks by the ISIS Sunday near Gwer, some 80 kilometers south of Hewlêr, and at the Hardan front near Tal Afar, Peshmerga officials told. “Daesh gunmen entered the town of Gwer last night, conducting massive attacks against Kurdish forces,” Jamal Murtka, a Peshmerga commander on the Gwer frontline, told. “They were forced to retreat by our forces shortly after.”

Meanwhile, in the ISIS assault at Hardan, Kurdish forces repelled the extremists from four sides. According to Peshmerga officials, coalition airstrikes backed Kurdish forces during the attacks. The situation at both the Gwer and Hardan frontlines is reported to have since stabilized.

11 gangs killed in Hardan

At least 11 ISIS gangs were killed during the Hardan attacks. Zahir Karim Mustafa, a Peshmerga commander, was killed and three other Peshmerga were injured during the Gwer attack, and at least two other Peshmerga soldiers were wounded in Hardan.

ISIS allegedly in control of key Baiji oil refinery

The ISIS released a video via social media showing what it claims are its members controlling parts of the Baiji oil refinery Sunday. The town was captured by ISIS in June, but the larger refinery facility, which is the biggest refinery in Iraq, remained under the control of the Iraqi army’s Golden Brigade. Despite months of heavy battles between the group and Iraqi forces since last year, ISIS gang members have fought on seeking to impose their control around the extensive oil facility.


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