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7 ISIS gangs killed in Shengal

7 May
23:22 2015

SHENGAL (DİHA) - The resistance against ISIS gangs in Shengal town of South Kurdistan continues.

People’s Defence Forces (HPG) and Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) Commands have issued a joint statement regarding the ongoing operations to liberate the town occupied by the ISIS gangs on 3 August.

According to the statement, HPG and YBŞ forces infiltrated in the emplacement of the gangs in Kızılkent area to the west of Shengal at 00:30on 6 May, leaving two members of the gangs dead.

At least 5 other members of the gangs were killed and 1 other was wounded in clashes that broke out in Xeyr Nasır Neighborhood after gangs attempted an attack on the emplacement of the resistance units and were strongly responded by Kurdish forces. HPG added that corpses of the 5 gang members were also seized.

The statement of HPG and YBŞ Commands also reported that the coalition forces carried out two strikes on the emplacements of the gang groups in Suka Jer neighborhood at 18:00? on 6 May.


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