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First stage of 'Operation Commander Rûbar Qamishlo' successfully finalized

27 May
18:31 2015

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - YPG General Command has announced the outcomes of the Operation Commander Rûbar Qamishlo the first stage of which has been successfully finalized between 6-21 May.

According to the 15-day balance sheet of the operation, 532 members of ISIS gangs were killed and bodies of 146 seized. Two other gang members were captured alive.

The press statement in the village of Xêbiş was attended by YPG Spokesman Redur Xelil and Hevro Kino Gabrial representing Syriac Military Council.

Speaking here, Redur Xelil stated that by 21 May they have successfully finalized the first stage of the offensive which was started on 6 May with an aim to liberate Mount Kezwan, a main stronghold of ISIS, the strategic region of Alya, and villages near river Xabur occupied with an intention of a massacre against the Assyrian people.

Xelil recalled that the town of Mabruka which was among the majot strongholds of ISIS was liberated by People's/Women's Defense Units (YPG/YPJ) last night.

Drawing attention to the major defeat of ISIS gangs in the battle with YPG, Xelil called on international organizations to contribute to the clearing of mines laid by the gang groups in many villages and areas they had been present in.

Hevro Kino Gabrial who attended the press conference on behalf of Syriac Military Council, remarked that they had put up a joint fight with YPG forces against the gangs in Til Temir. Noting that the defeat of the gangs has bolstered the morale of the local people, Gabrial said the attacks of the gangs had aimed a massacre against the Assyrian-Syriac people and to drive them from these areas.

The statement by YPG General Command pointed out that the area liberated in the operation was where ISIS gangs had organized their attacks on Sinjar, Jazaa, Til Hemis, Serêkaniyê, Til Temir and Hasekê, and where the training camps and headquarters of the gangs organizing these attacks were located. It noted that this area was also a basis for the treatment of the gangs wounded in the battle in the cantons of Kobanê and Cizîrê.

The statement reported that gang groups laid around 6 thousand mines in this area and deployed large amounts of reinforcements, both fighting forces and weapons, they had brought in from various areas of Syria and Iraq.

YPG General Command stated that Defense Units broke the defense lines of the gangs through major tactics and inflicted severe blows on them putting up great bravery and courage while encircling them in the area.

"ISIS gangs have suffered the heaviest blow so far in this operation which was actively participated by Kurdish, Arab, Syriac components, friend organizations and asayesh (public security) forces, and greatly contributed by the international coalition against ISIS", the statement said.

Stressing that ISIS gangs have been driven out of the entire Canton of Cizîrê, and that their dream to dominate the region was disappointed, YPG General Command said; "In this area which was of strategic importance to the ISIS, our forces seized three of their major camps in Syria. During the operation, 532 gang members were killed, as much as could be verified, while bodies of 146 as well as large quantities of ammunition belonging to them were seized."

The statement underlined that; "It goes without doubt that this great achievement has been gained thanks to the bravery of our martyrs. On this occasion, we commemorate our 46 comrades martyred making the operation succesfull, including Martyr Rubar Qamishlo, Brûsk Amed, Ciger Qamişlo, Zilan İntikam, Hêvî Gever Marînos, and internationalist fighter Aryel Kobanê (Mihemed Yusuf Kerimî). We dedicate this great victory to the memory of all martyrs who sacrificed their lives to build the common future of our peoples."

YPG vowed to continue protecting the lands of Cizîrê and the Arab, Assyrian and Kurdish people, and all their components as they have done so far, underlining; "We will never hesitate fulfilling our duty of defense in the face of all the attacks aimed at the Rojava revolution and its components."

According to the balance sheet announced here, 221 villages and a number of hamlets located in an area of 1100 square km under ISIS occupation have been cleansed of gang groups and liberated during these 15 days.

532 gang members were killed in clashes and bodies of 146 were seized, while 2 others were captured alive.

In addition, YPG also seized large quantities of ammunition including hundreds of rifles and dozens of rocket launchers, as well as 8 military vehicles, 4 lorries, 7 dozers, 1 bus and many documents.

During the operation, 53 military vehicles of the gangs were also destroyed, in addition to 14 explosive-laden ones, 1 tank, 2 panzers, 1 truck and 1 dozer.


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