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'Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo' ongoing on its 22nd day

28 May
18:44 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - YPG / YPJ (People's/Women's Defense Units) are continuing their operations against ISIS groups southwest of Serêkaniyê. The liberation of the strategic Mabrûka town was followed by an offensive launched against the gang groups in villages at the border line last night.

YPG Press Centre said in a written statement that the military campaign – Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo – that was initiated by members of the YPG / YPJ on 6th May with the objective of entirely liberating the rural district of Canton Cizîrê, Rojava from ISIS threats, endures successfully on the 22nd continuous day.

Remarking that operations conducted by YPG/YPJ forces to the southwest of Serêkaniyê city within the second phase of the campaign are continuing, the statement said that following the liberation of the strategic town of Mabroukah, Defense Units have last night started targeting the gang groups in villages at the border line.

According to the statement, YPG/YPJ liberated the villages of Dexim Eccac, Xirbit Silaca, Zênkat, Şîrketa Libî, Sîbî Oso, Bîr Şîmo, Xalidiyê, Ne'san, Edwaniyê and Edwaniyê Şîmal in this area last night.

YPG said that gang the town of Rawiya and village of Dehma, both of which are of great strategic importance to the gangs, were surrounded by Defense Units after the liberation of the above-mentioned villages. The village of Dehma has also been cleansed of gang groups and liberated in the early hours of the morning, it added.

A total of 184 members of the gangs were killed during the clashes going on in the mentioned area for the last three days, and the bodies of 53 among them were seized.

Defense Units also seized large quantities of ammunition in addition to one ambulance, one tank and 2 panzers belonging to the gang groups.


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