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Daesh massacres about 100 civilians at Akçakale border- BREAKING NEWS

29 May
15:09 2015

URFA (DİHA) - After liberating the town of Mebruka between Serêkaniyê and Grê Spî (Til Ebyad), YPG/YPJ forces sieged the village of Nustel. Daesh massacred nearly 100 civilian Arabs who were attempting to escape from Nustel and seek refuge in the village of Arida near the Akçakale border.

The advance of YPG/YPJ forces continues towards Girê Spî after the fighters liberated the town of Mebruka. YPG/YPJ forces organized an operation to the village of Nustel located between Mebruka and Grê Spî and the clashes against Daesh continue.

Thousands of civilians, predominantly women and children, fled the region and flocked to the Akçakale border. Daesh gangs prevented the escape of civilians near the village of Arîda (Kılıçlı) in order to use them as human shields.

Those who resisted this Daesh attempt were massacred by an Daesh firing squad. Villagers who made it to the Turkish border and crossed over to Akçakale stated that nearly 100 civilians were killed by Daesh gangs.

There is increasing military activity on the Turkish side of the border near which heavy clashes continue. 7th Corps Commander İbrahim Yılmaz and Urfa 20th Armored Brigade Commander İhsan Başbozkurt arrived in the area which has been closed to civilians.

Local sources state that Nustel village, 65 km away from Serêkaniyê and 53 km GirêSpî, can be liberated at any moment now and expect the YPG/YPJ to unite the Cizîre and Kobanê cantons within a week.


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