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Armed attack on HDP office in Eskişehir

2 June
15:50 2015

ESKİŞEHİR (DİHA) - Attacks on the HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) offices are going on with only 5 days left to general elections to take place in Turkey and North Kurdistan this Sunday.

Following the one on the HDP headquarters in the Turkish capital Ankara, yet another armed attack targeted an election office of the party in Eskişehir province at around 02:00 last night.

While the HDP executives said they had previously notified police over a probable attack, police teams carried out no detentions in relation with the last night's attack either.

HDP election offices and members which are attacked by Hür Dava Party and the state forces in the east are being targeted by racist groups in the western provinces across Turkey.

The HDP election office in Yıldıztepe neighbourhood of Odunpazarı district of Eskişehir was targeted by an armed attack at around 02:00 last night by unidentified assailants who broke down all the windows of the office. No one has been detained yet in relation to the attack.

Speaking about the armed attack, HDP Eskişehir candidate Rukiye Güven said; "Behind all these attacks lies their fear against us. They attack on us for the fear of our rise but pressures will not be able to intimidate us."

Güven told that police did not take any measures against possible attacks despite having been warned by the party members beforehand. She added that they will file a complaint against the police for failing to take the necessary measures to hinder attacks.

In the first days of the election campaign, the HDP headquarters in Ankara was also targeted by an armed attack. As part of the increasingly ongoing attacks, the HDP offices in Adana and Mersin suffered bomb attacks last month.

Over 100 attacks have been carried out against the HDP election offices and its members during the election campaign period so far.