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10 more villages at Mt. Kezwan-Alya line liberated

3 June
18:42 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - A military campaign – Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo – that was initiated by members of the People’s Defense Units along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPG/YPJ) on May 6 with the objective of entirely liberating the rural district to the west of Canton Cizîrê, Rojava from Daesh terrorist threats, endures successfully on the 28th continuous day. Continuing to conduct their operations as part of Phase II of the cited campaign, YPG/YPJ forces directly target terrorists in southwest of Serêkaniyê town.

Today, June 3, YPG/YPJ forces in the morning hours launched an operation in areas between northern Mt. Kezwan and southwest of Alya village. As a result of the operation on that frontline YPG/YPJ troops managed to liberate the villages of Ebû Ceradê, Ceradê Beggara, El Cefer, Til Mixer, Hezûmiyê and 5 other villages with unspecified names from terrorist groups – the operation is ongoing in full force.

Terrorist groups last night proceeded to carry out an attack on YPG/YPJ forces positioned near Bedîa Silûk village to the west of Mebrûka town. A second assault was carried out this morning against Xwêylan village in the same area. The both attacks were effectively repulsed by YPG/YPJ combatants, terrorists’ casualty numbers there could not be immediately verified; yet YPG/YPJ could seize a number of military equipment as well as 5 corpses of the attackers.

During clashes occurred in those contacts one of YPG/YPJ fighters was martyred in action after showing a great deal of resilience on the battlefields.

Search and mop-up operations in and around Xîwêran village, rescued June 2 by YPG/YPJ units, have been completed. As result of that process, 14 AK rifles, 71 AK magazines, 500 AK bullets, 2 PK machine guns, 4 RPG rocket launchers, 20 RPG rockets, 20 Katyusha-employed hand-made rockets, 8 hand grenades, 1 tank scopes, 14 ammunition carrying vests, 2 gas masks, 10 tactical backpacks and several organizational documents of terrorists were seized by YPG/YPJ forces.

The resistance of Kobanê that aims to oppose and utterly eliminate the terrorist organization of Daesh (ISIS) near the city of Kobanê, continues on the 261st day. In East Kobanê, terrorist elements last night attempted for an attack on YPG/YPJ troops’ recently installed fighting positions. Repelling the attempt as YPG/YPJ forces were fully ready and alert about a terrorist unit trying to storm Merêser village, instantly led a counter-attack, killed 3 terrorist fighters and wounded another one.


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