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Mass detentions in Kurdish region ahead of elections

5 June
20:46 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Turkish police continue to carry out detentions in North Kurdistan ahead of the general elections. While the number of detentions and house raids have enormously increased in the last week before the elections, the reason of the operations remain as a mystery as security forces brutally terrorize people in the Kurdish region.

In today’s house raids in various cities and districts of North Kurdistan, at least 14 people have been taken into custody, while the number of the detentions carried out in house raids in Edremit district of Van could not be clarified. Reports are coming through that the number of detentions might increase in the coming hours and days as the police prepare for new house raids.

6 detained in house raids in Hakkari

In Hakkari, police units accompanied by anti-terror teams and soldiers, raided a large number of houses in the early morning hours, detaining at least 6 persons, including a child. The house raids were carried out in Bulak, Yenimahalle, Gazi and Ketramas neighbourhoods of the city, while another house raid was conducted in Zawîte village of Çukurca district of the city, where one person has been detained. Police gave no information as regards to the reason of the detentions, while it also remains unknown where Atan has been taken.

3 detained in Kızıltepe

Police also launched simultaneous house raids in Kızıltepe district of Mardin this morning in Mesopotamia neighbourhood of the town, where 3 persons have been detained and taken to the police headquarters in the town. The reason for the detentions has not been announced here either.

3 detained in Varto

Anti-terror teams accompanied by armoured vehicles raided several houses this morning in Varto district of Muş and detained 3 persons, including the DBP district branch executive Nazmi Tunç, and two others Mehmet Akçora and Hamza Çölgeçen. While the detainees have been taken to the police HQ, the reason of the detentions has not been announced.

Large number of detentions in Edremit

In the meantime, anti-terror teams launched a wave of simultaneous house raids in Edremit district of Van this morning and detained large number of persons, while the exact number of detainees could not be verified. It has been reported that two persons, including 13-year-old Halil E., were detained in the house raid in Süphan neighbourhood, while several youths were detained in house raids in Şabaniye. Police told the inhabitants in Şabaniye neighbourhoods that they came as a large force for reports of thievery in the neighbourhood. The detainees are said to have been taken to the anti-terror branch of the police headquarters in the district.
It has also been reported that the police brutally attacked the detainees and their families during the house raids carried out in various districts as well as breaking the doors of the houses.