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Dozens of gang members killed in Kobanê and Cizîr

7 June
18:15 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - YPG Press Office has issued a written statement regarding the ongoing resistance against the ISIS gang groups in Cizîr and Kobanê cantons of Rojava, reporting that dozens of gang members were killed while large amount of ammunition was seized in the last 24 hours of clashes.

YPG said the Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo, launched to liberate the rural areas and villages in the western parts of Cizîr Canton continues successfully in its 32nd day, reporting the YPG/YPJ forces are advancing towards Silûk district, while waging an epic resistance against the attacks of the gangs on Hasekê town centre.

YPG reported that YPG/YPJ forces launched a new wave of attacks last night on the areas14 km east and northeast of Siluk district, liberating the villages of Sara, Bîr Asî, Mihêsin, Keysum, Reqebe, 4 hamlets and a hill as well as killing dozens of gang members and seizing large amount of ammunition.

YPG Press Centre also reported that 5 YPG/YPJ fighters, who played a leading role in the fighting with a great bravery have fallen.

According to the statement, YPG/YPJ forces also liberated Camus village 23 km east of Siluk today at noon, and 7 gang members were killed in the operation while the corpses of the 2 were seized.

YPG further reported that the gang groups, whose attacks the day before on the strategic points to the east of Mount Kizwan had been repulsed by the YPG forces, launched attacks on the same area also last night.

YPG said the gang groups wanted to seize this area, to the southwest of Haseke to use in their attacks on the town. YPG said the attacks were repulsed once again, while 2 successive attacks reiterated by the new reinforcements from Şeddadê and Raqqa have also been nullified. YPG added that dozens of gang members were killed during the clashes in the area, where additionally 2 vehicles of the gangs were destroyed.


YPG Press Office further recalled that the resistance in Kobanê to cleanse the whole town of the gangs continues for 265 days and reported about a new operation the YPG/YPJ forces launched yesterday morning on the areas to the southeast of the town. YPG said the operation had been launched to liberate the ISIS occupied villages of Büyük Çortenek and Bîrevdê, adding that the mission was successfully completed. The number of the casualties could not yet be verified according to the statement, which stated that the search facilities continue in the villages.

YPG further reported that the gang groups launched an attack on Cirin and Korik villages to the east of Kobanê, adding that the attacks were broken down while the gang members had to flee away. 7 gang members were killed in the clashes there, while large amount of ammunition was seized by the YPG/YPJ forces, added the statement.

YPG lastly reported that clashes broke out between the YPG/YPJ forces and the gang groups in the Ernê and Kirat villages to the south of Kobanê as well as in the areas of Girê Hecî, Girê Reş and Girê Dîcle, adding that the clashes continue.

YPG ended the statement by reporting that 6 YPG/YPJ fighters, bravely and dedicatedly fought in the clashes, have lost their lives in the clashes of the last 24 hours.


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